Ryann + Aaron

July 21, 2018

It was such a beautiful day.  The weather was perfect, the bride was surrounded by family and friends, and she was relaxed, but excited.  Mouton Plantation is such a great place for small, intimate weddings.  I could tell the grounds of the property were going to be great for shots of the happy couple. 


Ryann was upstairs with her mom and close friends. The balcony door was open, letting in a nice breeze. I started shooting the bride getting ready, while I listened to the small talk.  I love seeing my brides who have a close relationship with their mothers. It's always heartwarming and touching. 


After Ryann changed into her dress, everyone came back in the see her for the first time. The reactions were priceless. Shocked faces and happy tears. Then they all joined together for a prayer circle.


Outside Aaron seemed anxious. The good kind. Ready to start his new life. We waited until all the guests had arrived and settled before he walked to front.


The ceremony was simple and sweet. There was so much love to go around. Everyone was all smiles. 


After the ceremony, we wandered the property  while the happy couple enjoyed their first moments as husband and wife. I am so grateful to be able to share those moments with them.


The reception was a sit down dinner outside under the stars. I was great seeing everyone enjoy themselves in lively conversation.  All the guest were staying at the Bed and Breakfast, so there was no need to rush out of there.